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     y2138.com  Sesame oil, commonly called fragrant oil, enjoys good flavor and rich nutritious. Long ago, our ancestors widely used it as food and medicine.
    1. Prolonging life
      Modern scientific research shows that unsaturated fatty acid directly influences the development and nutrition of human brains especially on the elderly and children. The hearsay saying that sesame oil can not only cure all chronic illness but also rejuvenate human beings and thus lengthen life to immortality is spread from as far as ancient times. Explaining it in recent times, we know that sesame oil contains a large quantity of fatty acid as well as rich vitamin E and antioxidant element selenium that can not only prevent the generation of peroxide lipid inside our body, but also reduce the accumulation of lipofuscin inside and enhance the functions of cell to resist harmful substances, thus prolonging life.
    2. Powerful remedy to atherosclerosis
      Unsaturated fatty acid and phospholipid, such as linoleic acid and sesame acid contained in sesame oil, exert significant influence on lipid metabolism. The linoleic acid combined with cholesterol in the blood can reduce high-density lipoprotein and decrease cholesterol contents in the blood. The lecithin can promote biological transformation and metabolism of triglyceride in the liver and reduce the deposition of cholesterol in the body, thereby reducing blood lipids, improving liver function as well as preventing and curing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. For example, the medicine, such as Yishouning and Maitong of dedicated medicine treating hypertension and coronary heart disease, contains extracts from sesame oil.
    3. Purge function of sesame oil
      The Revised Compendium of Materia Medica reads, "Sesame oil helps relieve hoarseness in voice, disperse hot or unfavorable air in the triple burner, and relax the bowels." A lot of dietary fiber substances, such as vitamins contained in sesame, can promote the normal secretion of gastric juice and activate intestinal functions to help prevent constipation. Therefore, the consumption of sesame oil together with pure honey has a good effect on the treatment of constipation. Blend 25 grams of sesame oil with 50 grams of honey, stew it, and drink it twice a day in the morning and evening respectively.
    4. Curing ear and nose inflammation and burns
      (1) Prepare proper quantity of sesame oil, light yellow sophora root, coptis, and borneol; grind the light yellow sophora root, coptis, and borneol into fine powder, add sesame oil to the powder and mix the mixture. Dropping the mixture on the affected part several times a day can cure acute otitis.
      (2) Heat the sesame oil to boiling and bottle it after cooling. Put two or three drops into each side of the nose the first time and five to six drops thereafter. Dropping three times each day can cure simple rhinitis.
      (3) Blend sesame oil with water clarified from quick lime. Applying it on the affected part several times a day can cure burns with good effects.
    5. Expelling parasite
      (1) Prepare 50 grams of sesame oil and 29 grams of pepper. Pour sesame oil into a pot and boil it until it smokes and then put pepper into it. Take the pepper away when it blackens and gives out flavor. When the sesame oil cools down, mix it with water and drink it. Sesame oil prepared in such a way can not only relieve pain with good effects but also expel parasites.
      (2) Prepare ten fistular onion stalks, wash them, mince them, and smash them into juice. Blend two spoons of sesame oil with the juice and drink it with empty stomach twice a day with three consecutive days. It can cure abdominal pain on children caused by roundworm.



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